The latest and last game I created with Mechanism. A game-dev partygame inspired by Overcooked.

You start a small Game Development studio (alone or together with three friends) and progress by doing games by adding ingredients such as graphics, design and code.
The mechanics is simple yet very challenging and it’s easy to get in each others way so cooperation and teamwork is essential.


  • Events and level interaction/movement.
  • Particles and feedback
  • Interaction with objects, computers.

Created in our own engine, using DirectX11

Download: here


The Ridge

The third game I created together with my team Mechanism. A first person shooter deep under the surface.

Scienta Nautica, also called “The Ridge” is a research facility located at the bottom of the oceans. They found a parasite deep underground and they noticed it’s ability to alter certain neurological connections. In a hope they could use it to treat Alzheimer and similar diseases they started to conduct research on the parasite.
It all got out of control and now you, Sarah, a research scientist have to escape “The Ridge”.


  • AI
  • Zombie Animations
  • Basic Weapons and effects
  • General gameplay

Created in our own engine, using DirectX11

Download: here


The Curse of Tugarin

Our second game I created with Mechanism. We continued work in our 3D Engine and this time it was more focus on AI and animations for the project. This was a Real Time Strategy game developed during a 9 week period, half time.

It was inspired by the modern Gauntlet and followed Vasilisa, our herione in this game. The game mechanics was similar to Gauntlet with some magic abilities and normal hack-n-slash attacks. I was mainly responsible for AI, pickups and some animations.
We had a few bugs but the game turned out pretty well, with a nice story and clean gameplay.


  • AI
  • Item pickups and effects
  • Enemy Animations and attack behaviour
  • General gameplay

Created in our own engine, using DirectX11

Download: here


I am Ledger

I am Ledger is the first project I created with my team Mechanism. It was the first one we developed in 3D and in our own engine. During this 10 week period we worked half time on the project and the rest on 3D courses and development of our engine.

The game itself is a Rail-Space Shooter inspired by Star Fox but with many of our own twists and tweaks to the gameplay. I was mainly responsible for the camera and controls of the ship of as well as the ship and camera following the set path.

It turned out quite well and was well received by our classmates as well as others who played it.


  • Camera
  • Ship controls
  • Path following
  • Hyperspace and effects

Created in our own engine, using DirectX11

Download: here


Weird Warfare

Weird Warfare was turn based strategy created by our group “Petoria” in eight weeks, half time.

It was heavily influenced by Advance Wars for Game Boy Advance. It was a very educational game for me in the way that almost everything went wrong. It’s not the best game I’ve made but learned a lot from it.

The game mechanics was very simple with two teams fighting eachother on desert maps. You got three different units at your disposal and the object is to capture your enemy’s base. To do so, you need to capture small towns to acquire new units and to heal your old ones.







Kindred Souls

A platformer shoot ’em up created by our group “Fika varje fredag” in eight weeks, half time.

It was inspired by Ori and the blind forest and featured our own unique story.

There’s two guardians in a magical forest, Uyi and Aku. Uyi is the protector of the day and Aku of the night.
As time passed the darkness of the night took hold of Aku and he became jealous of his sister. So in a fit of frustration he declared that daylight would no longer exist. After he blocked out the sun with darkness, the forest and the creatures living their also got taken by the darkness. It is now up to Uyi to find her brother and create order in the forest.

The gameplay is similar to most of the platformers but you’re able to fire in a 360 degree arc. There’s roaming monsters and hostile plants that try to get you which you have to avoid or destroy.



The Windmill Chronicles

A point and click adventure created by our group “Peter och Gänget” in eight weeks.

It was inspired by Ni no Kuni and Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, and much of the graphical style was mix between the two.

It turned out pretty well with only some puzzles being too hard to complete. It’s a story about Velas, a captive of a brutal race and forced to use his magic for their purpose. He manage to get away and eventually learns more about his magic until he’s able to take revenge on his former captors.




Ethereal was my first game on The Game Assembly with the group Phantom Blossom. We programmed this in Lua which none of us had any experience in.
It took a while to get the hang of it but in the end, we created quite a nice adventure.

It was a dreamy and sad story about a father who is searching for his daughter.