And I love creating games and programming. My interest for games started early but my curiosity for programming really started around 2013.
It was then I started studying game development (eventually at The Game Assembly) and developed my skills in C++ and some parts C#.
During our education at The Game Assembly we built our own game engine from scratch in C++ and developed eight games in it. From there I've moved on to using C++ in Unreal Engine as well as progressing my skills in hobby projects using SDL2 as engine.

A more personal story can be found here.

Today I've had the luxury of experiencing both large companies (3000+) and small teams, which has given me a better perspective of how things work.

Quite recently I worked at Cortopia Studios with Unity, using C# to develop a multiplayer VR game called Wands Alliance.
Currently I am working at Sony as an Interactive Content Developer. Using C++ in Unreal Engine to create prototypes and creating different solutions to showcase new technology.

I'm well accustomed to work in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment, both from game- and software development.

Some technologies I've been working with lately:

InWorld AI
Entity Component System
Azure DB
Kinect & Pointclouds

Wands Alliances

Previously I've been working on Wands Alliances, for Beyond Frames. It's a "3v3, team-based, multiplayer, competitive VR" game.
Steam store page
Oculus Quest page

Wands Alliances - Launch Trailer - Out June 30 on Meta Quest 2 - YouTube

Games created during my time at The Game Assembly

Here's a few of the games we created. 
The latest four was built in our own developed C++ engine.

Gerstner Water Waves (Unreal Engine 4)

I wanted to create a new game prototype that took place on the ocean, but none of the (free) existing water plugins suited my need.
Unreal's built-in water does not work correctly with VR and so I decided to try to build my own.
It's based on this article from NVIDIA with heavy emphasis on math.

Manchester City Metaverse fan experience

Currently working on Manchester City "Virtual Fan Engagement". Everything from online stores to creating mini games, as well as utilizing Hawk-Eye technology.



SDL C++ networked 2D game, using ECS (Entity Component System).

A simple 2D game built from scratch that I've been working on. It's built in C++ using SDL and I've implemented network support with ENet.
I started this project since I felt I haven't worked in C++ for a while and needed to refresh my memories.
Things I learned from this experience was ECS, how to built event handlers in C++ and how to improve network flow.

VR Football project (Unreal Engine 4)


Me and my friends tested a few VR football games and wasn't impressed with their throwing mechanic. So I decided to see if I could make a better one and I feel that I succeded.
Haven't had the time to continue on it lately but it's still something I want to finish.

  • 2015 - 2018 The Game Assembly
    Higher Vocational Education in Game Programming
  • 2014 - 2015 Malmö University
    Game Development
  • 2010 - 2013 Faculty of Engineering LTH
    Computer Science

  • Currently working at Sony developing digital content for a Manchester City proof of concept. (press release)
  • Previously working on an unannounced iOS based education "game" in Unity.
  • Worked at Wands Alliances at Cortopia Studios as a game programmer.
  • Developed a VR prototype from scratch in Unreal Engine 4 at Cortopia Studios.
  • Developed a custom application for VMS (backend/frontend) in C#.Net at Axis Communications AB.
  • Working in Unreal Engine as a programmer at UltraUltra in Copenhagen. Mainly responsible for Gameplay and AI, but also worked a little with UI and animations.
    Worked close together with programmers as well as level designers and animator.

    • Experience from The Game Assembly:
      • Theoretical programming
      • Programming in C++
      • Object oriented programming and design
      • Linear algebra with a focus on 3D-math
      • Data structures and algorithm
      • Design patterns for games
      • Game oriented data structures and algorithms
      • Software development
      • Game art programming
      • Network programming
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Tool development
      • Shader programming
      • Game scripting, implementation and design
      • Game concept implementation

      Experience from previous education (Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University and others)

      • Evaluation of Software Systems
      • Discrete Structures in Computer Science
      • Calculus in One Variable
      • Calculus in Several Variables
      • Computer Communication
      • Software Development in Teams – Project
      • Applied Mathematics – Linear systems
      • Computer Organization
      • Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexit
      • Functional Programming
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