And I love creating games and programming. My interest for games started early but my curiosity for programming really started around 2013.
It was then I started studying game development (eventually at The Game Assembly) and developed my skills in C++ and some parts C#.
During our education at The Game Assembly we built our own game engine from scratch in C++ and developed eight games in it. From there I've moved on to using C++ in Unreal Engine as well as progressing my skills in hobby projects using SDL2 as engine.

A more personal story can be found here.

Today I've had the luxury of experiencing both large companies (3000+) and small teams, which has given me a better perspective of how things work.

Quite recently I worked at Cortopia Studios with Unity, using C# to develop a multiplayer VR game called Wands Alliance.
Currently I am working at Sony as an Interactive Content Developer. Using C++ in Unreal Engine to create prototypes and creating different solutions to showcase new technology.

I'm well accustomed to work in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment, both from game- and software development.

Some technologies I've been working with lately:

InWorld AI
Entity Component System
Azure DB
Kinect & Pointclouds

Wands Alliances

Previously I've been working on Wands Alliances, for Beyond Frames. It's a "3v3, team-based, multiplayer, competitive VR" game.
Steam store page
Oculus Quest page

Wands Alliances - Launch Trailer - Out June 30 on Meta Quest 2 - YouTube

Games created during my time at The Game Assembly

Here's a few of the games we created. 
The latest four was built in our own developed C++ engine.

Gerstner Water Waves (Unreal Engine 4)

I wanted to create a new game prototype that took place on the ocean, but none of the (free) existing water plugins suited my need.
Unreal's built-in water does not work correctly with VR and so I decided to try to build my own.
It's based on this article from NVIDIA with heavy emphasis on math.

SDL C++ networked 2D game, using ECS (Entity Component System).

A simple 2D game built from scratch that I've been working on. It's built in C++ using SDL and I've implemented network support with ENet.
I started this project since I felt I haven't worked in C++ for a while and needed to refresh my memories.
Things I learned from this experience was ECS, how to built event handlers in C++ and how to improve network flow.

VR Football project (Unreal Engine 4)


Me and my friends tested a few VR football games and wasn't impressed with their throwing mechanic. So I decided to see if I could make a better one and I feel that I succeded.
Haven't had the time to continue on it lately but it's still something I want to finish.

  • 2015 - 2018 The Game Assembly
    Higher Vocational Education in Game Programming
  • 2014 - 2015 Malmö University
    Game Development
  • 2010 - 2013 Faculty of Engineering LTH
    Computer Science

  • Currently working at Sony developing digital content for a Manchester City proof of concept. (press release)
  • Previously working on an unannounced iOS based education "game" in Unity.
  • Worked at Wands Alliances at Cortopia Studios as a game programmer.
  • Developed a VR prototype from scratch in Unreal Engine 4 at Cortopia Studios.
  • Developed a custom application for VMS (backend/frontend) in C#.Net at Axis Communications AB.
  • Working in Unreal Engine as a programmer at UltraUltra in Copenhagen. Mainly responsible for Gameplay and AI, but also worked a little with UI and animations.
    Worked close together with programmers as well as level designers and animator.

    • Experience from The Game Assembly:
      • Theoretical programming
      • Programming in C++
      • Object oriented programming and design
      • Linear algebra with a focus on 3D-math
      • Data structures and algorithm
      • Design patterns for games
      • Game oriented data structures and algorithms
      • Software development
      • Game art programming
      • Network programming
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Tool development
      • Shader programming
      • Game scripting, implementation and design
      • Game concept implementation

      Experience from previous education (Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University and others)

      • Evaluation of Software Systems
      • Discrete Structures in Computer Science
      • Calculus in One Variable
      • Calculus in Several Variables
      • Computer Communication
      • Software Development in Teams – Project
      • Applied Mathematics – Linear systems
      • Computer Organization
      • Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexit
      • Functional Programming
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