Currently developing apps (backend/frontend) in C.Net. While working in C++ using Unreal Engine and SDL at home.

Been working in Unreal Engine as a programmer at UltraUltra in Copenhagen previously. Mainly responsible for Gameplay and AI, but also worked a little with UI and animations.
Worked close together with programmers but also leveldesigner and animator.
+46(0)735 85 50 39

My main programming language is C++ and this is what I feel most comfortable with.
I also feel comfortable with C# from previous educations. Same with Java but that was a few years ago so will need a syntax reminder.

  • Experience from The Game Assembly:
    • Theoretical programming
    • Programming in C++
    • Object oriented programming and design
    • Linear algebra with a focus on 3D-math
    • Data structures and algorithm
    • Design patterns for games
    • Game oriented data structures and algorithms
    • Software development
    • Game art programming
    • Network programming
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Tool development
    • Shader programming
    • Game scripting, implementation and design
    • Game concept implementation

    Experience from previous education (Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University and others)

    • Evaluation of Software Systems
    • Discrete Structures in Computer Science
    • Calculus in One Variable
    • Calculus in Several Variables
    • Computer Communication
    • Software Development in Teams – Project
    • Applied Mathematics – Linear systems
    • Computer Organization
    • Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexit
    • Functional Programming