A platformer shoot ’em up created by our group “Fika varje fredag” in eight weeks, half time.

It was inspired by Ori and the blind forest and featured our own unique story.

There’s two guardians in a magical forest, Uyi and Aku. Uyi is the protector of the day and Aku of the night.
As time passed the darkness of the night took hold of Aku and he became jealous of his sister. So in a fit of frustration he declared that daylight would no longer exist. After he blocked out the sun with darkness, the forest and the creatures living their also got taken by the darkness. It is now up to Uyi to find her brother and create order in the forest.

The gameplay is similar to most of the platformers but you’re able to fire in a 360 degree arc. There’s roaming monsters and hostile plants that try to get you which you have to avoid or destroy.